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Thoth Amen-Ra- TRUE Godforms of the 0=0 Neophyte Grade Revealed!!!

As the Imperator of the Order, it falls to me to reveal yet another truth from the Secret Chiefs of the Truest Order of the Golden Dawn (®Truest Order of the Golden Dawn, 2013). Two years ago, we revealed the Logo of the Truest Order of the Golden Dawn. Last year, we revealed the true identity of the Secret Chiefs of the Order. This year is no different. The Secret Chiefs have revealed yet another truth to us, and have commanded us to share this information with the rest of the Golden Dawn community, so that all may benefit.
The Godforms of the 0=0 grade have been set since the inception of the original order. However, as we will show, the Godforms currently in use by all Golden Dawn orders and temples are but simplifications, and let’s be honest, really caricatures, of the REAL and SECRET godforms, used by the Secret Chiefs, and now given to us to be revealed to the world. To many, the true and authentic godforms of the Order may seem…basic or simple…perhaps even childlike in nature by some. However, do not judge the book by its cover. There is a depth to these true godforms that is unlike anything that anyone on this planet and in this sphere of existence has ever worked with.

WARNING: Working with these Godforms channels an energy and power unlike anything experienced to date in the Golden Dawn. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK…AND FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, DON’T FORGET YOUR NEMYSS!!!

And now, without further ado, we reveal to the world for the 1st time (one…one time!), the complete, true and authentic godforms of the 0=0 Grade of Neophyte, of the Order of the Golden Dawn in the Outer!

The True and Invisible Secret Chief
True and Secret Egyptian Name: Snuffleupagus

This Godform is only seen by the Imperator of the Truest Order of the Golden Dawn. Many seek him, and are told to look for him, however only the Imperator has eyes which are Holy enough to be able to behold him in his glorified godform. This godform should NEVER be assumed, but is for your information only.

The Godform of the Imperator
True and Secret Egyptian Name: Big Bird

The Imperator is the ‘Ruler’ of the Order, and makes all judgments regarding conflicts or issues of legality within the Order. As stated previously, only he has the eyes that may behold the Great and Holy Secret Chief. His Mantle is bright Yellow, with a Yellow Nemyss and he wears Orange socks or footwear.

The Godform of the Praemonstrator
True and Secret Egyptian Name: Elmo

The Praemonstrator is the ‘Teacher’ of the Order. He is in charge of the Knowledge Lectures and information of the First and Second Orders. He is often heard instructing others, letter by letter, precept upon precept, as it should be done. His Mantle is Red, with a Red Nemyss and googly eyes.

The Godform of the Cancellarius
True and Secret Egyptian Name: The Count

The Cancellarius is the ‘Secretary’ of the Order. Of an obvious nature, he must keep track of the number of members, the bills of the Order, as well as Dues by members. This requires special accounting skills of which The Count is an obvious master (Von! Von new Neophyte! Ah-Hah-Hah!). His Mantle is Black, with a Monocle worn on the left eye.

The Godform of the Hierophant
True and Secret Egyptian Name: Kermit

The Hierophant is the Ruler and Governor of the Outer Order, and he presides at all meetings of the Outer. His energy is strong, and he rules the temple from his Lily Pad in the East. His Mantle is Green, with a multi-spiked collar.

The Godform of the Hiereus
True and Secret Egyptian Name: Cookie Monster

The Hiereus keeps the hunger for cookies darkness at bay. He is known for his strength of will, and he is seated on throne of the West. While most godforms are assumed by the Vibration of their True and Secret Name, the godform of Cookie Monster is assumed by the vibration of the secret key phrase of the Hiereus, never revealed before, until now: “Nom, Nom, Nom”. His Mantle is Blue, and like that of Elmo, wears a Blue Nemyss with Googly Eyes.

The Godform of the Hegemon
True and Secret Egyptian Name: Grover (aka ‘Super-Grover’ when representing the Higher Self of a candidate during the Ceremony of Initiation).
grover supergrover

The Hegemon is the place of balance within the Temple. The Godform of Grover is one of peace and tranquility. While his base character is one of peace, the Godform of Grover is a complex one, with several forms. When representing the place of balance, he is the simple and peaceful form of Grover. When representing the Higher Self of a Candidate for initiation, he takes the form of ‘Super-Grover’, as seen above. His final form, and as yet unrevealed form, is known as ‘The Monster at the End of this Book’. His Mantle is Blue, with a bright pink nose, and when assumed as ‘Super-Grover’, wears a pink cape with yellow tie string.

The Godform of the Kerux
True and Secret Egyptian Name: The Amazing Mumford

The Kerux is the mouthpiece of the Temple, and as such sometimes tends to be a showman. His keyword, used prior to each pronouncement or proclamation, is “A la Peanut Butter Sandwiches”. He wears a red cape with a black top-hat shaped nemyss.

The Godform of the Stolistes
True and Secret Egyptian Name: Ernie

Rarely seen without the Stolistes counterpart (the Stolistes, Ernie, is the one on the left in the picture), the Stolistes is the place of the receptive energies and the bottom of the well of water. Her duty is to purify the hall, candidate and members by water. The Stolistes wears a Blue, Red and Yellow horizontally-striped Mantle, and should be accompanied by the working tool of the Rubber Duckie.

The Godform of the Dadouchos
True and Secret Egyptian Name: Bert

The Dadouchos (the one on the right in the picture) is the place of the projected energies of the temple, and has one of the top active roles in the temple. His duty is to consecrate the hall, candidate and members by fire. The Stolistes wears a Blue, Red and Yellow vertically-striped Mantle (preferably in a V-Neck with a turtle-neck undershirt), and is sometimes accompanied by the working tool of the “henh-heh” Pigeon.

The Godform of the Sentinel
True and Secret Egyptian Name: Oscar

The Sentinel is the Guardian of the Temple, and guards the door against intruders. With such a difficult job, he is sometimes referred to as ‘The Grouch’. His Mantle is Green, with a round metal nemyss, and he is seated inside of a metal container, often resembling a trash can. This is to protect him against those who may choose to challenge him for entry into the temple.

We hope that the Golden Dawn community will be open to these additions and modifications to the Godforms of the 0=0 grade. As with anything within the greater Golden Dawn community, it is sure to cause controversy and infighting. However, know that these godforms are the true revelations given by the Secret Chiefs, Fraters M, L and C (see our previous blog on the Formal Announcement of Secret Contacts), and are for the benefit of all.

This Formal Announcement of the true and sacred Godforms of the Order has been brought to you by the letters B and S, and the number i (Mathematicians will get that one).

Thoth Amen-Ra Formal Announcement of Secret Contacts!!!

So I was just winding down for the night, when there was a mysterious ringing at the front door (which was odd to begin with, as I don’t have a doorbell). Probably an encyclopedia salesman, I thought to myself (which was odd, as they don’t sell encyclopedias anymore). I decided to let whomever it was fade into the ether, and get back to watching my late night TV. Soon I noticed that the ringing had stopped, but that the person at my door was now banging loudly on my front door.

I dashed down to the front to see who was ruining the paint on my door, unbolted my lock and chain and threw open the door. To my surprise, I discovered three strange visitors, all dressed in flowing fluorescent robes of blue, pink and yellow. I suddenly realized that I was in the presence of something holy, whether in the flesh or in spirit, I wasn’t yet sure, but I knew. I quickly opened the screen door, and gestured for them to come in, to which they each nodded in turn and entered my home.

I guided them to my living room and invited them to have a seat. I sat down myself and looked at each, but could not make out any features, due to the cowled hoods that each wore. I was certainly curious as to who these three persons were. After a few minutes, one of them spoke.

“You are Frater ABCDEFG, Imperator of the temple of Thoth Amen-Ra?” he asked. (I know, my motto follows the first few letters of the alphabet, what are the odds?)

“I am”, I responded, shocked and surprised.

“We have come to reveal ourselves to you. We are the Ambiguous Custodians of your temple. We are pleased with what you have done, but we will take over from here on.”

My heart skipped a beat. The Ambiguous Custodians? HERE? In my house? I was floored, and speechless.

“Yes, we’ll take it from here, but you’ve done a w-w-w-wonderful job”. His slight stutter was lost on me, but there was something about that voice, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

As I began to gather my wits, questions began flooding my mind.

“May I know what to call you?”, I asked.

The leader spoke again. “I am Frater M, my fellow Custodians are Frater L and Frater C. You may refer to us simply as ‘The Three’, if you wish”.

WOW, Frater M, L and C, and they had just asked me to call them ‘The Three’! This was the stuff that dreams were made of! Suddenly, I remembered my other two fellow Chiefs. “Excuse me,” I asked, “But should I also contact Frater HIJKLMNOP and Soror QRSTUV to come and join us?”

“NO!” they all shouted in unison. “We are here to reveal ourselves to you, we will reveal ourselves to them, in our own time”. I was a bit confused, but forged on ahead.

“Ok, well then, what’s next? “, I asked.

“We are here to give you the hidden and holy signs of the innermost temple.”

Now my heart REALLY started to race! WOWEE, I was about to learn the true symbols of immortality and holiness! These holy men had sought me out to reveal them to me! I could hardly contain my excitement.

The one who had done most of the talking, wearing the fluorescent blue robe, stood up. He held out his right hand straight out in front of him, with only his index finger and middle fingers extended forming a V, parallel to the ground. Suddenly I realized, he was giving me the first sign! I imprinted it into my memory so that I would never forget.

The second one, in the fluorescent pink robe rose next. He raised his right hand, with all fingers extended, and placed it close to the center of his face, with the thumb side towards his face. I was taking mental notes as quickly and detailed as possible, so that I would never forget.

The third one (the larger man of the three) in the fluorescent yellow robe now stood. Suddenly, he began jumping up and down, as if having some type of conniption fit! I thought maybe something was wrong, but was then taken aback when the other two, each made a fist with their hands, and slammed them into his head! He suddenly stopped moving, but then all three brought their hands into a position of prayer in front of them.

My head was swimming! The first two signs I thought I understood, but the last was beyond me. Suddenly they began fading from view. They were true masters, being in control of even invisibility! Before they disappeared, they each pulled back their cowls, and comprehension dawned on me. I knew the voices had sounded familiar, but I had no idea.
“Farewell, Frater ABCDEFG, we shall see you again very soon. Continue on the path, and we will continue to guide you towards the light.”

My eyes began to tear as I felt their presence dwindle, until I finally broke down completely. The absence of their presence made me feel as though I wouldn’t survive the night without them, and suddenly everything faded to black.

I awoke in my bed, how I got there I do not know. However, my mind was on fire with the information that had been revealed to me the previous night. I had met the Ambiguous Custodians! Suddenly I sat up, again realizing that I had known their identities all along! Amazing, simply amazing. I will never forget the experience of meeting the Ambiguous Custodians of our Temple, what an honor.

Thank you Frater M, Frater L and Frater C, I hope to see you again soon, and I’ll never forget you!

secret chiefs