Membership in our Temple

Applying for Initiation:
If you are interested in potential membership with our Temple, please
read this entire section, and then if you are still interested, go to our online application, or you may send an email to: info “at”
Be aware that we do not accept all members, as our focus is on maintaining good students with the potential for further advancement.

We, the Temple of Thoth Amen-Ra, Order of the Golden Dawn in Denver, Colorado welcome you to this stage in your spiritual progress. We are all brothers and sisters, joined under the mutual agreement to pursue the following purpose:

The mission of the Thoth Amen-Ra Temple of the Order of the Golden Dawn in the Outer is to aid, assist and encourage all who seek initiation into the Western Mysteries in achieving Knowledge and Conversation with one’s own Holy Guardian Angel for the purpose of divine illumination by working primarily within the framework of the traditional Golden Dawn system.

Of utmost importance is a sincere intention to manifest adepthood in your life. Since our Order is not motivated by financial profit, and since space in our Temple is limited, we are of necessity careful in the selection of prospective candidates. We are interested only in facilitating quality magical, theurgical and alchemical practice, not in recruiting vast quantities of members.

Be assured that your progress in this temple will be with the intention of providing a solid groundwork for those who are serious about the Great Work. And while a mentor will be assigned to you, you will ultimately be responsible for your mastering the knowledge given you and practicing the rituals as assigned. The Work you complete is your own, and not anyone else’s. However, we are happy to act as guide or facilitator in your pursuit of the Divine.

If you are still interested, you may go to our Online Application form here.