Our Temples

Our Temples and Sanctuaries

The Order of the Golden Dawn has Temples and Sanctuaries in several locations. Our Sanctuaries provide a gathering for group ritual work and study, but they are not yet authorized to perform initiations.  Our Temples have fully qualified and trained officers and are able to perform initiations for all members.

Temple of Thoth Amen-Ra, Denver COTAR1-trans


The Temple of Thoth Amen-Ra of the Order of the Golden Dawn in the Outer is an independent Golden Dawn Temple, located in Denver, Colorado. While most of our members reside within the state of Colorado, membership is open to all who are willing to take the required oaths of obligation, are accepted for membership and can travel to the Temple location in Denver for initiations and Equinox meetings. We currently have members from various places in Colorado, including Denver and its suburbs, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock and even as far away as Wyoming and Kansas.

The Temple of Thoth Amen-Ra is an authentic initiatory mystery school. We offer instruction and teachings in the traditional Golden Dawn course of study. Our Temple meets according to the charter given by the Inner Collegium, pursuant to the Constitution of the Outer Order.

Our Temple is quite simply a group of magical practitioners who have come together in order to work the Golden Dawn System in its entirety. The basis of our rituals comes from some of the oldest sources of original Golden Dawn material, and the core of our tradition follows the original Golden Dawn curriculum. This is not to say that we have gone back solely to older initiation rituals, methods and curriculums and ignored later improvements. Indeed, we have used the knowledge and wisdom of those who have come before us, and made adjustments and modifications to these original rituals and curriculums, as have many Orders. Nevertheless, our Outer Order (the Golden Dawn) maintains the majority of traditional teachings, and Inner Order content is kept where it originally was intended by the founders of the original Golden Dawn.

Sanctuary of Thoth-Ptah, Salt Lake City, UTTP1



We meet monthly in Denver, Colorado. Potential members must meet with the temple members in a neutral location, have turned in a application form, and be prepared for initiation. For more information see the Membership page. As an open temple, we accept all potential applicants regardless of sex, occupation, race, culture, magical path or religious belief.


The Order of the Golden Dawn in the Outer is officially part of the Unified Order of the Golden Dawn. While we function autonomously as an Order, this larger order was founded by multiple independent Orders in order to share information and resources. While we have the benefits of belonging to a larger worldwide order, we are still completely independent, and as such are not interested, nor do we participate in, any of the numerous political feuds and squabbles that tend to plague many of the Golden Dawn groups in existence today. The Unified Order of the Golden Dawn is governed by fraternal relations and “mutual recognition” for visitations and exchange of knowledge and information with other temples. This system of recognition was established with the “Seven Pillars of Recognition”, created by Thuban Temple #1.  Through this system of recognition, we maintain fraternal brotherhood and visitation privileges with the following temples:

  • Thuban Temple, #1 – Victoria, BC Canada
  • Horus Temple, #2 OGD – Montreal, QU Canada
  • Atum-Khepri Lodge, #2 OSOGD – Seattle, WA USA
  • Temple of Kali – Joplin, MO USA
  • Temple Ignis Aetrernitas, Seattle, WA USA
  • Isis Temple, OHA, ORA – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Hermanubis Star Lodge – Lubbock, TX USA


We are not a strictly secretive Order, as we prefer to maintain benevolent and friendly relations with all our brothers and sisters on the Path, whether Golden Dawn or other. We do however require secrecy regarding the names of our members, and certain oral traditions and teachings particular to our temple. There is nothing in our obligations that is contrary to a potential initiate’s moral, religious or civil obligations.

Organization & Lineage

We are governed by an Inner Collegium of the Second Order, who have issued a Charter solely to the Temple of Thoth Amen-Ra to Examine, Approve and Initiate any worthy and desirous person into the Outer Order Grades of the Golden Dawn, Pursuant to the Constitution and by-laws of the Inner Collegium. We do not claim any authority or lineage other than our own, and also reserve the right to continue to investigate new and exciting avenues of the Golden Dawn, as well as other systems of magic.

There are three Temple Chiefs who are appointed by the Inner Collegium, however the majority of all decisions are vested within the Collegium and not with the Chiefs. This structure works very well, as it continues to provide administrative heads (i.e. Imperator, Praemonstrator and Cancellarius) with definite and specific duties, however it reduces the actual control that these Chiefs have. It thus vastly reduces issues of an inflated ego, and invests a majority of Temple decisions within a body of like-minded individuals who have traveled a related path and worked together for similar purposes for some time.

Mission Statement

Our Temple’s Outer Order Mission Statement is perhaps the most apt description of who we are:

“The mission of the Thoth Amen-Ra Temple of the Golden Dawn in the Outer is to aid, assist and encourage all who seek initiation into the Western Mysteries in achieving Knowledge and Conversation with one’s own Holy Guardian Angel for the purpose of divine illumination by working primarily within the framework of the traditional Golden Dawn system.”