Golden Dawn Resources

We offer several resources to both our members and those interested in our Temple, the links to which may be found to the left.

Our Temple sponsors the ‘Colorado Golden Dawn Meetup Group’ meetup.  Events for this group are scheduled through, and a variety of topics are covered.  We have had classes on Gematria, Geomancy, Alchemy, Pendulum Dowsing, the Middle Pillar, and a variety of other subjects. These classes are open to the public, and are designed to introduce various aspects of the Golden Dawn system, to those who might be interested.

social_facebook_button_blueYes, our temple has a Facebook page.  This page is simply there as a point of presence for our Temple, and to convey information relating to the Blog and Meetup group to interested parties.

wordpress-iconThe ‘Imperator’s Sword Blog’. This is the official Blog of our Temple, and we hope reflects our attitude towards the work, in that we are serious about our work, supportive of our fraternal brothers and sisters, but also have a sense of humor and can laugh at ourselves from time to time.

Next is our Public Form (not yet active). Here we hope to be able to offer answers to questions and other issues that may arise, and allow interested parties to post and ask questions regarding our temple, or the Golden Dawn in general.

Our Gallery consists of various photos and videos of our Temple work, tools and setup.

phpbb-iconOur Members Only forum is a comprehensive forum for our members, containing grade material, and numerous forums for our members to present lessons, ask questions, receive information relating to the Order and the Temple and many other purposes.  This is a private forum only available to initiated and active members of our Temple.