The Inner Order – The RR et AC

After passing through the First Order ‘school’ that comprises the Outer Order (specifically the “Golden Dawn”), the magician passes onto the Second Order. In the original Order, the Second Order was called the “Rosae Rubae et Aureae Crucis” or the “Ruby Rose and Golden Cross”, abbreviated as the “RR et AC”. There are numerous other sites and books detailing the history of that Order, and such is not the purpose here. However, it used as its basis a system of Rosicrucianism, around which Mathers built his Second Order, including a unique chamber called the “Vault of the Adepti”, based upon the burial chamber or vault in which the founder, Christian Rosenkreutz, or CRC, was entombed. As the three founders of the Golden Dawn were heavily involved in another Rosicrucian society, the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA), it is not surprising that they used their experience and knowledge from that Order as a starting point for the new Second or Inner Order for Golden Dawn initiates [in point of fact, Woodman was the Supreme Magus of that Order from 1878 until his death in 1891, and Wescott took over in 1891 and was Supreme Magus until 1925. Mathers was also a member of the Society from 1882 until 1903]. This Rosicrucian Order, the RR et AC, was established in 1891 and continued in Europe into the 1900’s and via the Stella Matutina through the Whare Ra Temple in New Zealand from the early 1900’s until 1978.

In our Order, we maintain the link with the RR et AC, and it continues to be one of our primary courses of study. However, our Order is not limited to just that course of study nor that one lineage of magic. The study and magical work of the traditional and published teachings of the RR et AC, including that of the Hexagram rituals, and most especially the ritual and magical worked based upon the Z-formulae, are still required and an integral and central point of our Second Order work. And while we acknowledge our link to the RR et AC, and do claim that as part of our lineage, our Second Order is not limited to only that one lineage of magical work, nor is its name publicly known or given. As a truly magical order, the true name of our Second Order is known only to its members and initiates, but we refer to it publicly as the ‘RR et AC’, as that name is well known and associated with the Inner or Second Order of the Golden Dawn.

Among our studies and lineages carried within our Second Order are a continuation of the HGA/Abramelin work performed in the Outer Order; Traditional Laboratory Alchemy; a school of traditional Kabbalistic Magic; Egyptian Magic; Energetic Healing; and a Priesthood lineage based upon an Abrahamic religion, and modeled upon Melchizedek, combining the dual position of king and priest. These are in addition to the existing magical courses based upon the traditional RR et AC lineage containing the aforementioned Z-2 formulae of magic; Enochian magic; Enochian Chess; Kabbalistic Pathworking; Astrological and Planetary Magic; Tarot Scrying; Divination by Tarot and the Ring and Disk; and Rosicrucian studies. In addition, many members work in small groups on other traditional grimoiric schools of magic, such as Traditional Enochian Magic, The Goetia, and The Keys of Solomon, among many others.

As can be imagined, becoming proficient in all of these schools of magic would be impossible in a single lifetime. As such, our Second Order members work a structured course of traditional “Golden Dawn/RR et AC” studies, and are encouraged to choose one, two or possibly three other area in which they would like to specialize. Members are already familiar with many of these schools and lineages of magic from the introductory lessons contained within the optional Outer Order curriculum studies (details about that can be found in a blog post here). At this point in their magical progress, as Adepti of the Golden Dawn, members are allowed to pursue their own course of study and choose their own path. They are also welcome to bring other lineages to the Order, providing they fit the overall structure and goal, and are not contrary to the egregore and energy of the Order.

As before, in the eyes of some this may cause some to say that we are not traditional “Golden Dawn”. However, we believe that we are in keeping with the spirit of the original Order, and have merely added lineages and teachings that complement and support the original intent of the Order. Some may say that the Golden Dawn does not need anything ‘added’ to it, that it is a complete system within itself. While we would tend to agree with this overall, our viewpoint is that having additional lineages and courses of study only acts to further the accomplishment of the Great Work. Allowing members to choose those paths which are of the most interest continues to keep them involved and interested and gives multiple options for the continuation and investigation of the work. The Golden Dawn was an amazing amalgamation of different schools of magical thought from its era, including spiritual work, talismans, evocations, enochian and egyptian among others. We have continued this amalgamation to include additional discoveries, grimoire’s and lineages of magic, creating a multi-faceted group of choices for members.

Our Inner Order certainly has more additions and changes to it than the Outer Order. These additions, we feel, only serve to further the purposes of both our members and the Great Work, allowing for more options and schools of study than that contained strictly within the RR et AC.

Yours in the Great Work,

V.H. Frater M.T.O.

Praemonstrator, Order of the Golden Dawn